Weekly guided meditation series

“Gently, with openness, allow each of these experiences to be present. Simply notice each of them in turn with interest and kind attention. In each area of struggle, let your body, mind and heart be soft. Open to whatever you experience without fighting. Let go of the battle. Breathe quietly, and let yourself to join you at the peace table in your heart.”

– Jack Kornfield

I offer and hold the space for you to participate in this safe, sacred container for our authentic selves to be fully present in community with ourselves and others. I encourage you to find a place within your home that you feel comfortable for sitting and lying meditation, with some room for movement, and where you won’t be disturbed for the hour or so we are together, with whatever sacred materials and/or altar you want present with you.

In this hour or so we will spend together, we will begin by checking in and sharing our altars with one another (if you feel comfortable creating one.) Then I will lead a guided meditation, with possibly a bit of authentic movement practice, depending on our collective needs. There will be another check-in at the end of the practice where each person can relate their personal experience within the practice and what they saw as witnesses. There will also be a moment of a temporary ending and dismantling of the altar to end our time together. I will also make myself available outside of the practice if there is anything else people want to say to me in private, as opposed to the group.

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