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About Caitlin M. Gill

Caitlin’s passion is to provide a safe, sacred space for persons to access their authenticity through meditation, movement, creativity and play. She believes that spending these focused moments together cultivating self-awareness, authentic witnessing, compassion, and curiosity, like a drop of water on a still lake, will ripple out to positively touch and deepen not only our personal lives, but our intimate communities and the collective whole.


Starting her journey as a performance artist and clown, Caitlin M. Gill is now currently in pursuit of her Ph.D. in Transformative Inquiry at California Institute of Integral Studies. Her choice of study is expansive with ranging influences, including:

Dharma Art and Contemplative Dance Practice

Crazy Wisdom and the teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Dark Night of the Soul and Shadow Work

Eco-Psychology and the work of Molly Young Brown

The Baohaus and the Theatre of the Absurd

Tarot Practice and Altar/Ritual

Women’s Spirituality and the work of Judy Grahn

Anna Halprin and process based performance

Natalie Rogers and Creativity work

Chakra and energy healing

as well as a host of others…


In 2010, she received her BFA in Performance from Naropa University where she trained in Contemplative Dance Practice, Dharma Art, Mary Overlie's Viewpoints practice, non-violent communication, and improvisational ensemble group movement. She was introduced to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's teachings of Sacred Warriorship and Crazy Wisdom and took her Buddhist Refuge Vows in the winter of 2012. Her journey has been deepened through the experience of grief & Dark Night of the Souls, clown work, and in her various performances.  


In 2015, she earned her M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology through Sofia University where she has focused her education on Creativity & Innovation, Transformational Life Coaching, and Women's Spirituality. She offered classes for women to come together and explore their inner process through body awareness & movement, guided meditation, sacred play, shadow work, and awakening the heart.