Awakening the Heart:

one-on-one guided meditations

We begin by starting a personal journey of inherently trusting your intuitive sense. This sense of trust not only manifests within the practice, but also permeates throughout the rest of our lives. This kind of attention to the body mind changes the way we habitually think and react. It encourages us to develop the skills of deep listening, witnessing, and compassion with our inner selves as well as with others.


The beauty of this practice is that it can be practiced by anyone with a willingness to show up and be present. This practice is to begin again and again and again. By simply showing up and being present, so much work has already been done. 

Offerings include:

  • mindfulness meditations

  • movement awareness practices

  • goddess/wise persons journeys

  • body scans

  • earth practices 

  • and intuitive awareness practices